About Ché

Ché Cosmetics was founded in 2014 by Chélaya a cosmetologist from Cleveland, Ohio who graduated high school with her certificate in cosmetology. Following high school she went on to study fashion design, while in the middle of her studies she just couldn't stay away from the beauty world she stayed doing hair and makeup looks for clients which is how Ché Cosmetics was created.

"After all there's a fine line between beauty and fashion."
"It does go hand and hand right?"
"After creating the clothing you begin to think about what hairstyle and makeup would pair to give that complete pulled together look."
"Designers and Beauticians are Co-creators I just happened to be both"

- Chélaya " Founder and CEO"

Ché Cosmetics "Where Fashion and Beauty Collide" a line that's focused on providing affordable, high quality beauty products for the everyday female.

Owned, Operated and Founded by Chélaya her vision is to have Ché Cosmetics reach local, national and internationally.